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Slack's channel posting permissions doesn't accept groups.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Layoffs are yet another area where companies refuse to follow the science. Here's what the science says. 

An astounding image of our moment at the precipice:

Climate activists standing against the inhuman-scale machinery of the open-pit Lützerath brown coal mine, with a wind farm visible in the distance.
#climate #LützerathLebt #coal #renewable


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Some bots were being a little aggressive so I blocked them with an nginx rule to respond 402 to their user agent.

hot take the tech layoffs are as much about investor appeasement as they are a shot across the bow to the incipient tech labour movement pass it on


The French Striking workers bringing a rail mounted BBQ to the front-line is a thing of beauty.

Layers of best-in-class #COVID safety for Davos, the White House, and Westminster. Virtually no protections for most workplaces, schools, and public transport. The pandemic isn't over. It's just much more inequitable.

I rode just over 20mi this morning on during a very early meeting which was great fun!

However, sprints and hills always appear around when I had something to say 🤔

Why isnt anyone calling out Microsoft for switching to unlimited PTO 2 weeks before layoffs?

Neither Microsoft, nor Amazon, nor Google, nor Meta are hurting for money. They are not belt tightening so they can survive the coming crunch.

They're doing just fine and could have easily found productive things for all those people to do.

They're laying off tens of thousands of people to make shareholders happy.

Why is the prevailing story in the media “the price of eggs is high” and not “record windfall profits from food and oil companies” ??

America’s largest egg producer Cal-Maine reported a record quarterly profit of $198 million

Anti-poverty charity Oxfam is calling for governments to impose windfall taxes on large food companies

THAT’S the story.

This is very cool: autocomplete and client side query help built in the #AWS CLI itself 😀 :

(via the newsletter of @Quinnypig).

The state of maturin/pyo3 is absolutely brilliant. The fact that writing Rust bindings for Python is so easy now really makes me much more optimistic about the utility of Python going forward. The experimental MiniJinja Python bindings are tiny and use zero unsafe code.

Upgraded to the latest and this is looking *good*.

Very excited to be making progress with the rebuild of some of these jails

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Now that the FreeBSD jails host is behaving, I'm getting and everything else back up and running.

These have been offline for almost 6+ months, so lots to tidy!

The stream was quite productive!

I believe we found a bug in 's networking stack, documented here:

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Reproducing a bug with vnet jails on because dangit why does this bug exist:

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