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To all mastodon admins:

Hi! I’m Evan Phoenix, the primary author of puma, the ruby webserver that powers mastodon!

Please reply or DM me if you need tuning help! I’ve got no officiation with the mastodon, just want to see you succeed!

(Quick Tip: set WEB_CONCURRENCY to core count * 1.5 and then tune MAX_THREADS. High thread values will see diminishing returns!)

This machine won't boot without a keyboard present.

Fortunately a spare yubikey looks like a keyboard


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people say "mastodon can't recreate twitter" but within a day, two complete strangers have told me how to use a piece of software without me even asking

progress never ceases

Ah, cable routing before work.

Reminds me of a time when hating computers was a hobby, not my profession.

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My novelty alt accounts are getting a *lot* more traction over the past couple days.

A few reasons I believe:

* "Virality" in the is a slower burn. Boosts take a little longer to percolate through the ecosystem
* More people are using account finder tools to move their social graphs
* I have made better jokes

A dry low-pressure system will dive into California this weekend, ramping up offshore winds. #CaWx

We explain where some of the strongest winds will develop in the Bay Area and what parts of the state could see fire concerns.⤵️


I think the most prudent way forward is to remove all the disks and perform a fresh install on the new disks

Then maybe I can attach the pool separately and recover files The Hard Way.

SMR is trash

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Twitter right now be like the last day of summer camp with everyone crying and exchanging contact info

Zeroing out some information on the new disk. Pushing 185MB/s.

Prior to diagnosing this problem, random writes on the SMR disks were averaging less than 1MB/s.

I'm still seething about this y'all

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To accelerate 2023 planning each manager will receive 9 copies of "The Mythical Man Month"

FreeBSD tip: to figure out which drive is which: `smartctl -a <device>`

This will show you the device model and serial number information, which certainly helps figure out which is which in the pile of disks

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The only parallel I've ever seen to Twitter's current self-destruction was the Digg 4.0 fiasco.

At one time Digg had ~450 million users. Then they tried to push an extremely unpopular update that caused users to leave en masse.

Where did they go? Reddit.

And now Reddit is one of the biggest social media sites on the planet.

By the way, a whole lot of Internet users have forgotten about Digg -- or don't even know it existed.

Twitter could be Digg but on a much larger scale.

The giant heatsink on this computer is in the way, I have to disassemble a *lot* just to remove drives one by one.

Computers were a mistake.

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Of course, these trash SMR drives try to resilver when I take a drive out of the pool.

Again, because these drives are trash and SMR is a scam, resilvering causes the controllers to timeout.


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My new disks arrived today, and now I get to try to replace disks one by one in my ZFS pool.

In doing so, guessing at which SATA port corresponds to which disk 🔮

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