I did not realize we were in the midst of a pandemic, war, *and* a global turkey shortage!

Google Meet is bad 

There is an Okta conference happening in San Francisco this week and I am baffled as to why.

I have been exploring the new account process lately.

Using the support menu in the Account Console to promote an unrelated product (Unity Catalog) is awkward. 😬

Taking the time to shop for replacement disks.

Every single one of these drives is a piece of junk SMR drive. That means ZFS cannot even resilver a drive without the controller timing out.

Straight up garbage.

Fortunately Seagate has a handy page which shows you which drives are trash (SMR) and which are decent (CMR):

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A decent ride today, closer to 18 miles today. Not enough time this morning for anything longer.

The Wahoo app crashed on the return.

These stupid apps have literally one job.

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She is beauty, she is grace.

Any day I can start on the bike is a good day.
More training today for

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