by default uses device numbers for .

They're apparently not pinned to the controller and port.

I removed two devices on one controller, and every other device number shifted up by 2 causing the boot to fail 😒


Trying to convert a FreeBSD to use disk ids rather than numbered devices.

Somehow I've stumbled back into a hell I haven't visited in a long while

@rtyler I was under the impression that #FreeBSD #ZFS would find the right disks even if disks are detected in different order than when a pool was created🤔

It has been while since I used raw device names ever since I got in habit of labeling the partitions; I create a large, single partition even when using the whole disk in a pool.

By chance are/were you using "/etc/fstab" to mount file systems?

@parvXm For better or worse, I was running off a ZFS pool created by the guided installer.

Trying to get the devices relabeled in the pool has proven to be quite a pain in the ass

@rtyler Yeah, #FreeBSD #installer not creating a label & using that label to create a #ZFS pool, even if it is "root" pool, is certainly a thorn in the back side😒

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