@josh I use bookmarks with some frequency. but have you found anything like Pocket that will web clip or capture the page content for posterity?

Scheduling work with market dynamics is so neato, I'm glad to see Fly.io exploring it


I kind of wish I were at this year, but like @josh my risk model is much more conservative than will allow most conferences these days.

womp womp.

I think coding interviews categorically suck, some thoughts I shared recently with another engineering leader


Why solve a problem when you can create a platform for solving all problems?

I am wondering if y'all are at any medium-sized businesses that would indulge an experiment with me.

I you spend more than 6 figures with annually, I think with Cost Explorer and SCM access I can identify more than 5% of easy cost savings πŸ€”

I'm back to the market! Or whatever left from it. Looking for DevRel and community/product/project manager positions in open source and open ecosystems. In particular, interested in sustainability, open research, CI/CD, cloud native or embedded systems.

Available from March or so, in Switzerland. Can take some short-term contracts for FOSS community building/audit, including pro-bono for socially important projects.

My C.V: docs.google.com/document/d/17n

local politics 

Happy Monthly Budget Alert Day to all who celebrate it

Another fun fact!

I didn't have any decent lighting, so we borrowed a spot light from an electrician who was doing work at the house that day.


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Fun fact! This fire side chat we hosted in my new house since @dennyglee was able to visit in Santa Rosa!

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I stepped into a podcast a few weeks ago to discuss the creation of delta-rs, which brings native support to and


#GitHub supports more than one social media link in profiles now, for example for #Mastodon. 🦣

So you can verify your GitHub and Mastodon accounts going forward. docs.joinmastodon.org/user/pro

Those who fail to understand Jira are doomed to re-implement it in Google Sheets.

I have been wondering for weeks why this jail has not been running the script in my crontab

Today I checked /etc/rc.conf for something else




Humans have rights, governments have duties, corporations have obligations. Any tinkering with these fundamentals is gateway to totalitarianism and harmful to all people.

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